Flash Dryers

Flash Dryers are used for drying of wet cakes, crystals or granular products, sticky or non-sticky in nature. These are long ducts carrying hot air at a high velocity and the material is dried while it is pneumatically conveyed along with hot air.


  • Adjustable residence times to suit each individual product
  • Uniform product temperature possible
  • Drying and cooling in a single step
  • Closed loop insert gas with solvent recovery system
  • CIP (Cleaning in Place) options

Cage Mill Flash Dryers

For lumpy materials size reduction is required to enhance the drying rate. These are ideally suited for such applications.


  • Continuous operation & single step drying disintegration of dry hard product lumps or crusts
  • Particle size control
  • Recycling of hot gases for better thermal efficiency.

Agitated Flash Dryers

CThey are used when the material to be dried is sticky in nature, thixotropic and requires longer drying time

  • Continuous operation & single step drying of sticky cakes, pastes, sludges and semi-hard lumps
  • Dual action of drying in fluidized condition & size reduction
  • Uniform product quality due to automatic stepless feed & temperature control
  • Unique feeding device for constant product moisture
  • Incorporation of specially designed particle classifiers