Mini Spray Dryers

The Standard plant of Mini Spray dryers is complete with Electrical air heating system. Spray chamber, Cyclone separator, Bag filter, Air handling fans, Feed tank, Feed pump, Rotary atomizer, Operating panel, Instruments.

Spray dryers plants are available in Stainless Steels grade AISI 316 or AISI 304, for feed and product contract parts. Other materials can be offered on request. Let us look at the operational features of Mini Spray dryers.

Optional Features

  • Two fluid / Pressure Nozzle Atomiser for feed atomization
  • Oil / Gas fired air heating system, steam / Thermic fluid air heating system
  • Dehumidified internally rotating air broom arms for the products of thermoplastic nature
  • Closed loop system with inert gas drying for the product containing flammable / explosive solvents
  • Solvent recovery system