Vacuum Dryers

Vacuum dryers are used to facilitate rapid and low temperature drying of heat sensitive products without raising their temperature.


  • Low temperature gentle drying.
  • Ideal for heat sensitive products
  • Minimum space required.
  • Solvent recovery.

Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer

The Double Cone Vacuum Dryer is jacketed on the outside for steam / hot water heating. The double cone is rotated through a chain drive and vacuum is applied in the chamber through special rotary joints.

Cylindrical Rotary Vacuum Dryer

These dryers are cylindrical jacketed chambers and are equipped with a central shaft to which paddles or ribbons and scrappers can be attached for agitation and mixing.

Vacuum in drying chamber allows drying of internal at low temperature.


  • Low temperature agitated vacuum drying.
  • Ideal for heat sensitive products, which can be agitated.
  • Minimum space required